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Community Health Collaborative Training in Partnership with Project ECHO

Regardless of what type of Community Health Collaborative you are, the framework for getting started, or growing stronger remains the same. As with anything that is cyclical in nature, you have to start somewhere. But once you begin, each phase informs the next in one continuous loop, as demonstrated in the model to the below:

IT’S TIME TEXAS is pleased to offer a new, free training opportunity for community health collaboratives (CHC) throughout Texas. CHCs are made up of key community stakeholders coming together around a common goal and play a vital role in health promotion and chronic disease prevention. Collaboratives participating in the Community Lab will have the opportunity to learn best practices from experts in the field while also sharing their successes and challenges with other collaboratives through monthly web conferences that help all work toward similar health improvement goals.


What is the Community Lab?

The Community Lab offers a virtual, hands-on learning environment in which CHC experts and participants learn from each other in a continuous learning loop. We believe that strengthening collaboratives plays a vital role in bringing together individuals, families, schools, employers, community and business leaders, and elected officials in recognizing the importance of health and providing inspiration, information, and support for healthy living.

What is Project ECHO?

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an innovative telehealth model developed at the University of New Mexico to treat chronic, complex diseases in rural and underserved areas. Incorporating expert teaching, case-based learning, peer-to-peer education, and team-building, the ECHO model leverages scarce healthcare resources through web-based technology, promotes best practice protocols, improves patient outcomes, and measures outcomes to ensure safety and efficacy. The Community Lab utilizes the ECHO model to promote the transfer of best practices for Community Health Collaboratives to groups across the state of Texas.

Project ECHO Model

What does participation in the Community Lab involve?

Community Lab members will identify a member (or members) of their team to participate in monthly web conference sessions. Each session will last approximately 90 minutes and we ask that participating collaboratives initially commit to attend for 12 months. Each session will contain a 20-minute expert presentation, in addition to discussion of successes and challenges experienced by 1-2 participating collaboratives in implementing a current project. Emphasis will be placed on sharing successes and overcoming obstacles.

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In 2019 we will be conducting a number of training workshops across the state of Texas. Please leave your contact information if you would be interested in attending one of these workshops.