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Build Healthier

Program Support Model

Build Healthier is a suite of expert-designed tools and resources to help cities throughout Texas launch and sustain their own Community Health Collaborative. The program encourages collaboration within and across Texas communities and empowers local leaders to take action.

Residents benefit greatly when health and wellness initiatives are driven from the local community with local leaders delivering solutions to create healthier environments and providing healthy opportunities based on the unique environment, culture, and needs of their community.

Build Healthier provides three pillars of support to Community Health Collaboratives. To learn more about each pillar, click on the icons below.

Community Health Collaboratives

Supporting Community Health Collaboratives

Community Health Collaboratives bring together key community stakeholders - local individuals, organizations, businesses, schools, agencies, churches, and healthcare systems that share the vision of a healthier community. Community Health Collaboratives may also be referred to as partnerships, collaborations, coalitions, and councils, but for consistency, throughout this website, we use the term Collaborative, or the abbreviation CHC.

Community Health Collaboratives take many forms, including Mayor’s Health and Fitness Councils, School Health Advisory Councils, community coalitions, and disease-specific collaboratives. As the anchor for local community health efforts, Community Health Collaboratives play an integral role in improving health outcomes. We are committed to supporting the health promotion efforts of these organizations.

Online Resources
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Supporting School Health Advisory Councils

Did you know every school district in Texas is required to have a School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)? Working in collaboration with the Texas Action for Healthy Kids (TAHK) SHAC Leadership Team, we’re proud to be a part of the SHAC-in-Action: Partnering for Healthy Kids project, which has put together a collection of tools, resources, online workshops and best practices from districts across the state designed to help create, enhance, and provide ongoing support to SHACs throughout Texas.

Click here to learn more about SHAC-in-Action: Partnering for Healthy Kids.


Build Healthier Spotlight

Harlingen, Texas

“I heard Dr. Baker Harrell speak about Mayor’s Fitness Councils and we broke up into city groups to talk about what steps we could take to create a healthier city… The group from Harlingen agreed with Dr. Harrell that it was time to do something, and we were excited to try to create a Mayor’s Fitness Council. After that meeting, I checked with our Mayor Chris Boswell, and he was interested also! We met later that month to come up with a plan, presented it to Mayor Boswell in August, and the Mayor and City Commission created the Mayor’s Wellness Council officially in September! The team committed to the Mayor’s Fitness Council here motivates me – they believe that if we work together, we really can make sustainable changes to the health of Harlingenites!”

- Judy Quisenberry, Grants Director, Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation

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